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Fraudulent Documents in
Sugar Trades

" Hatton Group Limited - Your source for White Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45 "


A copy of a widely used fake Proof of Product (POP) being circulated by unscrupulous sugar traders. Click on the picture to see a clear copy

Please do not get trap by this document.


There is no "Brazil Office of Agro Products" in Brazil. Please contact any Brazil Consulate in your home country to verify.


There is no "Department of Commodity Verification" in Brazil.

Click here to download a color copy of a popular fake POP in pdf

Click here to download a copy of a fake SGS Report in Word

Click here to download a copy of a fake POP in different format in Word

Proof of Products (POP)

POP is more of a myth than reality. There are more potential buyers being misled by this POP issue than any other issues.

Please download the fake documents listed above and study them very carefully yourself. Check with your local Brazilian Consulate or call the Brazilian government offices in Brasilia. Contact your country's consulate offices in Brasilia to verify all these information or the existence of such as department. Contact SGS office in Sao Paulo to confirm if the SGS report is real or not. Contact your local SGS office in your home country to verify. These are called due diligence which many buyers did not do and hurt themselves.

In Brazil, there are only a handful of traders than can supply sugar on a regular basis. But there are hundreds or maybe thousands of brokers and fraudulent businessman who are cashing in to make some money by targeting unsuspecting and inexperience buyers of sugar.

Inexperienced buyers will ask for POP certificate of documents or some forms of allocation documents, etc, thinking that there is such as thing. The only POP is from the Seller bank transmitting a telex message to the Buyer after the Letter of Credit has been established.

The best way to determine if a Seller is genuine is to ask the Seller to issue you a non operative Performance Bond. If the Seller can do that, more than likely the Seller has access to some sugar. But, even then, some Seller who post a performance bond still eventually cannot supply the sugar. If you want to know why, please call us and we can explain to you the real reason.

Hatton Group Limited is willing to post non operative Performance Bond to any real, serious Buyers without having the buyer issue L/C first. We have real sugar to sell and we invite potential serious customers to Brazil to see the sugar factories and talk to the sugar mill owners themselves.

Please contact Hatton Group Limited for copies of real SGS reports and real past B/L. We have received so many old expired L/Cs from our customers who issued L/Cs to their Suppliers and these suppliers never shipped the sugar and they came to us.

Unfortunately most of the time, Buyers get trapped by the promise of extremely low prices. If these sellers have real products, why are they not selling them in the open future market and make more money ??

We can withstand the test of time, while others could not....


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