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Oman Chromite Ores
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Chromite Ores From Oman

The world reserves of Chromite Ores is estimated to be 1.52 billion metric tons. About 2% of these reserves or 30 million metric ton is located in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Sultanate of Oman started mining chromite ores and exporting these ores since early 1980s. However, metallurgical grade chromite ores started to be exported in the last few years primarily in response to rising demand from China and general shortages of ferro chrome worldwide in the production of stainless steel.

Chromite Ores from Oman are mainly located in the mountainous region of Sohar, Somail and Sur. The quality of metallurgical grade chromite ores from Somail is the highest in terms of Cr2O3 content.

Typical grade of metallurgical grade are shown below, with a Cr:Fe ratio of 2.1: 1 minimum.

Metallurgical Chromite Ore


















The grade from Somail region is from 32% to 42%. The most abundantly available grade is the 34% Cr2O3 content. The sizes are : 10mm to 300mm in diameter.

Please see TEST REPORTS ON CHROMITE ORES for detailed specifications from various quarries operated by Hatton FZE.


Hatton FZE chromite ores are from the Sultanate of Oman. The quality of chromite ores in Oman are primarily the 35% Cr2O3 types. Higher grades in the 45% Cr2O3 are also available, but in limited quantity.

Hatton FZE operates one of the largest chromite quarry in Somail area, south of Muscat, Oman. The chromite ores are of various grades and ranges from 30% to 42%. The production capacity is 2,000 MT per day or 40,000 MT per month or 480,000 MT per year. Since Oman is a desert and almost never rains, production can continue year round. Click here to see photos of our Chromite Ore quarries.

Chromite ores from Oman has the lowest market price as compared to Chromite ores from other countries because the production cost is very low, able to operate year round with desert weather condition, and very good road system.

Almost all of export of chromite ores from Oman are shipped in bulk using 20 foot containers. Each 20 foot containers holds about 25 metric tons of ores.

Please click here to see photos of Hatton FZE loading of Chromite Ores into containers.

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