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Refined Cane Sugar
" Hatton Group Limited - Your source for White Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45 "

The following photos were taken in July 2006 during a visit the the sugar mills.
The ICUMSA 45 sugar supplied by Hatton Group Limited are from these fields. We invite large potential customers to visit these fields and see how refine cane sugar are manufactured by the mills. These fields and mills are located approximately 5 hours drive from Bello Horizonte, Brazil.
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Sugar Cane Fields north of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Young Cane plants

Brazil Sugar Cane Field.
Matured Cane Ready for Harvest

Harvested Sugar Canes in transporter. Carry canes to the mills for processing

Sugar Cane Mill or factory near Bello Horizonte, Brazil. This mill supplies sugar to Hatton Group Ltd

Refined Sugar in 50 Kg bags.
ICUMSA 45 Specification

Harvested Sugar cane being transported to mill for processing into refined sugar

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