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" Hatton Group Limited - Your source for Brazilian Sugar "
  • ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar. Also called "London White"

  • ICUMSA 150 (this includes ICUMSA 100 to ICUMSA 150). Also called Crystal Sugar.

  • VHP or ICUMSA 1000 - 1500. This is also called "Raw Sugar"

Our price quote is as follows:

For ICUMSA 45 in vessel loads of 12,000 MT or 14,000 MT:

(London White Sugar price for nearest delivery month) + shipping + insurance cost. The freight cost varies depending on destination ports. This could be anywhere from $60 to $130 per MT. Please contact your local shipping company for freight cost.

Please note that shipping by 20 foot containers (each holding 27 MT) is the preferred shipping methods as freight by containers is much cheaper than freight by full vessels. Also, there is no demmurage and lower cost at discharge or destination port.

You can check the market price for White Refined Sugar and VHP sugar from the London stock exchange listed below:

Please e-mail us for pricing for ICUMSA 150 and VHP (ICUMSA 1000 - 1500). Please note that raw sugar (ICUMSA 3000) as shown in LIFFE is in U.S. cents per pound. To convert into price per MT, multiple by 2200. All prices shown at LIFFE are FOB.

Hatton group also sells all types of sugar in 20 foot containers loads. Please contact us for pricing. We suggest customers start with 20 foot containers first to get some experience.

Examples of how to calculate pricing for vessel loads:

If the future market price for the nearest delivery month as traded at LIFFE is US$343, FOB Brazil.

Add shipping cost of approximately $70 per MT to Dubai ( by 20 foot container), the market price is over $400.

By knowing the real market conditions, potential customers need not waste money issuing L/C to fake suppliers, waste time and energy and ruin their reputation and commitments to the end users.

Sugar is a commodity traded in the commodity exchange in London ( for white) and New York (for VHP), and many buyer are deceiving themselves into believing that they can get sugar at a big discount below the market price.

There is no such as a thing. 

Many buyers we know of, do not listen and ended up never get any sugar and wasted much money, time, energy, effort and reputation.

Anyone with an account at the commodity exchange can sell or buy future sugar contracts from these commodity exchanges and why would anyone want to sell below the commodity exchange price to you where they could just sell directly to the exchange at market price ???

Hatton Group can help interested parties set up accounts to trade in London or New York commodity exchanges.



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