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Palm Oil Applications

Palm oil and palm oil products are employed in numerous food and non-food applications. They can be used as frying media and for making margarines, shortenings, soap, oleochemicals and other products. In addition to their technical merits, versatility and competitiveness, palm oil and its products are backed up by a strong commitment to R&D, and to the maintenance of tight quality control.

Uses in Food

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palm oil products as shortening palm oil as product margerine palm oil as coking oil palm oil as confection


About 80% of all oil palm product is used for food applications, while the other 20% is used in non-food applications. Because of the higher market value of these non-food derived palm products, the non-food category is expected to grow in importance. The non-food uses of palm oil and palm kernel oil can be classified into two categories; using the oils directly or by processing them to oleochemicals (chemicals derived from oils or fats). Products produced using the oils directly include; Soaps, plastics and even palm based diesel substitute. Products produced from the oleochemical route include; candles, lotions, body oils, shampoos, skin care products, rubber and cleaning products.


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